Putin liked the idea of participation of pension funds in the privatization

The issue of participation in the privatization of NPF were discussed during the Monday meeting of President Vladimir Putin with the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander sechinym. According to head RSPP, the involvement of the SPC for privatization in conditions when the market price of many assets are currently quite low, maybe in the future “to give a very good result in the improved sustainability of the pension system”.

“Of course, the participation of pension funds in the privatization process, of course, also in demand and can be fun. Long-term investments despite the current market conditions, and funds, by contrast, can be, current situation and good: you can enter at a lower price and have the opportunity growth prospects. In General, this idea certainly deserves attention,” the Prime Minister agreed, noting that this issue “need to study”.

Earlier, a source in the government called the NIP raise funds for privatization “a good worker”. He explained that all issues related to participation in the privatization of the NPF, have been settled in 2014.

Polled NPF leaders said that they have not yet been involved in discussion of mechanisms of privatization, but this option is potentially interesting.

On 1 February during a meeting with members of the government President Vladimir Putin has called the conditions where large-scale privatization. According to him, the privatization deal must be “as transparent as possible for their participants and the public”, the shares should not be sold for a knockdown price, and the state must retain control over the strategically important enterprises and to prevent withdrawal of the privatized assets of Russian jurisdiction.