Russia and Poland will hold talks on the restoration of the cargo of the auto message on February 19

MOSCOW, February 16. Another round of talks between Russia and Poland on the restoration of the loading message to be held in Moscow on 19 February. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.
“The negotiations between Russia and Poland for the exchange of permits for freight transport between the countries in 2016 is scheduled for Friday, February 19, on the territory of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the message.
Russia and Poland have agreed on the volume of quotas on road transport for the current year, which as of 1 February autosabina cargo between the two countries was terminated. Until 15 February, the carriers of both countries could return to the country of registration of the carrier under the old permits, Tuesday-day cargo autosabina completely stopped.
As previously reported by the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP), the Polish party is dissatisfied with the adoption of the Russian Federation legislative and normative acts, regulating the control over the implementation on the territory of the Russian international road haulage by foreign vehicles, including transport of goods from third countries. The Russian side considers the accusations baseless. It has been several rounds of talks, the latest in Warsaw on 3 February, but the solution has not been found.

The problems with road freight message of Russia with Europe in 2016