Russia and Ukraine agreed on the “going home” truck

Moscow and Kiev agreed on conditions that will help drivers from both countries stranded in Russia and Ukraine after the suspension of transit of the two States. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.

Mode “going home” will be valid on the territory of countries from 15 to 25 February. Ukraine will be able to return trucks that are located in Russia or in Asia on the border with Russia. In turn, Kiev will allow passage through the territory of Ukraine Russian trucks return home from the EU.

“We call on activists in the next 10 days does not interfere with the movement of Russian freight cars home. This is a guarantee that our Ukrainian drivers will be able to get to Ukraine,” said Oksana Reiter, Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine.

In Kiev expect that the provisions of Ukraine will be able to return more than 600 of Ukrainian drivers who are running out of food and fuel for heating the car. In turn, Russia will be able to do about 600 drivers.

Russia unilaterally suspended the movement on its territory of Ukrainian trucks on February 14. This happened after the start of the stock in several areas of Ukraine in which activists blokirovki the Russian trucks on leading in Romania, Hungary and Belarus roads.

In response, Kiev has officially suspended the permit for the transit of Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory. The actions of Moscow, the Ukrainian authorities have described as a “violation of the rules and procedures of the world trade organization and bilateral intergovernmental agreements on road transport”.