Russia has suspended the transit of Ukrainian trucks

Russia cut off Ukrainian transit trucks through its territory, according to the Ministry of transport. This decision took effect since 12:00 GMT on 16 February.

“The delivery of goods to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 1 January 2006, No. 1 will be continued, but the carriers of other States”, — explained in the Ministry.

In the transport Ministry clarified that now in Russia with suspended movement 324 Ukrainian trucks. These measures will continue to apply until, until you resolved the situation with the blocking of Russian trucks in Ukraine, the Ministry explained.

“As of 12:00 on 16 February 2016 movement of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine remains difficult, it is impossible to enter the territory of Ukraine from the European countries,” reads the statement of the Ministry of transport.

At the end of last week, Ukrainian activists began to block Russian trucks located in Ukraine. The action started in Transcarpathia, and then spread to Lviv and Volyn oblast. Delay touched the fur, which followed to Slovakia, Hungary and Belarus. The number of Russian trucks in Ukraine grew after Moscow and Warsaw have failed to agree on the conditions of movement of trucks in their territories. The activists said that the Russian trucks do not pass the required inspection and may carry weapons.

In response to these measures, Russia has suspended the movement of trucks registered in Ukraine, on the territory of Russia. In the Kremlin, the actions of Ukrainian activists have called “outrage”. Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich was noted on 15 February that Russia continues to ignore the Ukrainian trucks, “At the moment, the Ukrainian movement of vehicles on the territory of Russia is stopped, except — for now — vehicles that travel in Kazakhstan in accordance with the decision taken under escort. These vehicles have not been stopped yet,” said Deputy Prime Minister.