Thanks to the new policies, insurers will not be able to inflate the cost of CTP

From 1 July this year motorists will know what is the discount for accident-free driving, they will be able to claim when buying insurance policy. This will happen if the Russian Union of insurers, which provides insurance company forms, listen to insistent recommendations of the Central Bank to disclose the size of this coefficient on the form of the policy.

That the Central Bank intends to “strongly recommend” to do it, says the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia Vladimir Chistyuhin on request . Now this information is difficult to access, it need a special way to request.

The press service of the PCA has not responded whether to heed the recommendation of the Central Bank. “Details about new forms of insurance policies are not scheduled to report until the last moment. In addition, this topic has not yet received a study, formal treatment or recommendations of its kind in the SAR is not received”, — said the press service of the PCA.

When calculating the cost of CTP insurance companies use eight coefficients, which multiply the basic rate. For example, the price depends on the age and experience of the driver, from the vehicle power and from region to region. All significant on the cost of insurance affects the so-called ratio for accident-free driving: the rate resulting from the application of all previously mentioned factors, is reduced, e.g. by 50% if the driver for ten years was responsible for the accident. It can also increase the final cost of the policy if the driver was responsible for the accident.

Recently increased the number of complaints about incorrect application of this factor in the conclusion of contract OSAGO, according to the press service of the regulator. If in the second quarter by the unfair calculation of discounts for accident-free driving complained 22% of the total number of filed complaints in the third quarter this figure was 62%.

“After you have increased the tariff on CTP, motorists began to take a closer look at the discounts provided by the insurance company. Safe driving can significantly reduce the cost of insurance. Some insurers may intentionally “not notice” the opportunity for customers to reduce the price”, — says the head of one of the major insurance companies. A top Manager of another insurance company said that insurers make mistakes due to the fact that they do not see accurate information in the database. Data on the value of the coefficient stored in the automated system of Russian Union of motor insurers. There upload this information to the insurance companies themselves, and at the conclusion of a new contract OSAGO, the insurance company will use this information.

The Russian Union of motor insurers making significant efforts to clean up its database, according to the press service of the Union. According to them, many drivers learned the correct ratio for accident-free driving and issued contracts of insurance with the discount.

Taking into account when calculating the cost of CTP, an incorrect ratio, insurers violate the rights of their clients, says President of the Association for the protection of policyholders Nicholas Tyurnikov. “If the rate specified in the policy, the client will be able to monitor and stop this violation,” he says.

The insurance policies of the new sample of the insurance companies will start to sell from July 1, 2016. About it on February 11 said PCA President Igor Yurgens. Originally Jurgens said that to counter the spread of counterfeit policies of the PCA intends to replace all forms of insurance policies, including and operating. Later information that car owners have at one time change existing insurance policies, denied to the state, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. “No one-stage replacement of existing policies will not occur, against this decision the Bank of Russia protested very hard. Motorists who come to buy insurance policies in the offices of insurance companies and just get a slightly different view on the policy”, — said Vladimir Chistyukhin, adding that “such a procedure has happened in the past year and was absolutely still and unbeknownst to the owners”.