The authorities of St. Petersburg: “Transaero” has paid the bulk of the debt on a salary

SAINT PETERSBURG, 16 February. The airline “Transaero” has paid the bulk of the debt on a salary. This was announced by the Chairman of the Committee on labor and employment St. Petersburg Dmitry Cherneyko.

“We have information that “Transaero” has paid 1.2 billion rubles of debts on wages, but the relevant document on the Committee yet,” cherneiko said. He found it difficult to make a prediction regarding the payment of remaining debts. He also said that the staff of “Transaero” there are a large number of pregnant women and women on leave for child care, which by law cannot be fired.

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As previously reported with reference to the State Inspectorate of labour (IGT) in St. Petersburg, Transaero airlines has promised to repay 1.23 billion rubles of debts on a salary on 12 February. In GIT noted that “as of 10 February, the debt is almost 1,311 billion, of which 64.7 million before 570 workers, actually working on the territory of St. Petersburg”. Debt “Transaero” on the salary for the month increased almost in 2 times, and as of February 1 increased from 688,9 million to 1.31 billion. Debt had before 8399 employees.

The company is registered in St. Petersburg, but the number of employees working in Moscow and other cities. For laid-off workers in St. Petersburg opened a consultation center to promote employment on the basis of the Agency of employment of the population of the Central district.

Total debt of “Transaero” is estimated at 250 billion rubles. A decision on bankruptcy was adopted at the governmental meeting with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 1 October last year.