The authorities of St. Petersburg will invest 2.8 billion rubles in the development of Kronstadt by 2020

SAINT PETERSBURG, 16 February. St. Petersburg authorities have invested almost 2.8 billion rubles in the development of the port city of Kronstadt by 2020. The corresponding sub-program adopted Tuesday at the regular meeting of the city government.

“The whole program is estimated at 2 billion 787 million rubles, of which 1.7 billion will be spent on engineering and transport infrastructure, 817 million – for social facilities”, – said the Chairman of the Committee on economic policy and strategic planning Elena Ulyanova. According to her, the potential of the city is the presence of large amounts of vacant space (up to 600 ha) and monuments of history and culture (230 objects under UNESCO protection).

During 2016-2020, in Kronstadt will appear recreational area, several industrial plants, residential complex with social infrastructure and public-business zone. According to the forecast Ulyanova, the purpose of the program is to attract to Kronstadt to 3 million tourists a year, creating an additional 1,200 jobs and at least 200 thousand sq m of housing several museums. In addition, the district is planning to attract 10 investment projects worth at least 100 million rubles.

Also their development will be a General aviation airfield “Bull field” investment project it is planned to implement it in 2017.

As previously reported, the authorities of St. Petersburg proposed to expand the port city of Kronstadt, creating artificial alluvium area of 200 ha for construction of housing in its Northern part (“Northern Sail”). Earlier “Gazprom” has also considered the Kronstadt as a territory for the construction of housing for their employees, but not yet confirmed these plans.

The port city of Kronstadt is located on Kotlin island, in the smaller Islands adjacent thereto, and at the dam. Until 1983 it was reached only by water, at the moment the island is connected to St. Petersburg’s ring road. Before 1996, was closed to the public (with the status INSTEAD). Currently there is a large area of the reserve and long sandy shore, where it is planned to organize a recreational area for active recreation, such as surfing.