The Committee of the Duma did not support the bill to ban TV advertising of fast food from 7 to 22 hours

The Committee of the Duma did not support the bill to ban TV advertising of fast food from 7 to 22 hours

MOSCOW, February 16. The state Duma Committee on informpolitiki spoke out against the decision of the resonant bill of a Deputy Vasily Shestakov, who proposed to introduce strict limitations on fast food advertising similar to the advertising of alcohol and tobacco. The Committee acts as a collaborator on this document is a profile of the Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship. Before this bill was not supported by the government of the Russian Federation.

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“The introduction of criteria for the classification of certain goods to foods high in sugar, salt or fats is subject to regulation by sectoral legislation, and not Federal law on advertising”, – explained the position of the Chairman of the Committee Leonid Levin.

Further, the amendments “unduly impose on advertisers and advertisements restrictions and encumbrances,” he noted. The authors of the bill “was not assessed the regulatory impact of the bill on the advertising industry in General,” said the MP.

The bill

Shestakov, in particular, proposed to prohibit advertisement of “foods high in sugar and / or salt and /or fats and /or saturated fats in intended for minors print, radio and television broadcasts, audio and video production, television and radio programs from 7 to 22 o’clock local time, in children’s, educational, medical, resort, health, military organizations, theaters, circuses, museums, houses and palaces of culture, concert and exhibition halls, libraries, lectures, planetariums and at a distance closer than 100 meters from occupied buildings, structures, constructions, as well as in sports and recreation, sports facilities and at a distance closer than 100 meters from such facilities.”

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The draft contains a clear gradation “junk food” advertising which should be severely limited and in some cases prohibited.

The author also proposed to prescribe in the legislation that the advertising of junk food and fast food should not create the impression that its use “is important for achieving public recognition, professional, sporting or personal success or promotes improvement of a physical or emotional state”.

In addition, Shestakov considers it necessary to prohibit the advertising campaigns involving distribution of products of fast food, as well as to restrict advertising of fast food establishments.