The court refused to release on bail the former head of “RUSNANO”

From July 2015, the entrepreneur found in his apartment on Leninsky Prospekt in the capital. It is covered by the standard restrictions: it is prohibited to use telephone, mail and the Internet, to communicate he can only to family, lawyers and investigation team. But every day Melamed can make a three-hour trip.

The defense has repeatedly offered to pay for his release 100 mln, which would add the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of JSC “RUSNANO” Andrey Rappoport and businessman Alexander Lebedev. A positive response Melamed signed and current head of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais. “At “Rosnano” there is no reason to believe that the Corporation has suffered damage [from the suspect]”, — was stated in the description.

Poor conditions

In court on Monday, the Melamed came personally, he and his lawyers asked to cancel a measure of restraint and release them of the principal on bail of 100 million rubles.

Three professional counsel assured the judge that house arrest for no reason: there is no evidence of the involvement of the Melamed to the crime, nor proof that their principal is going to hide from investigation and trial.

“Finding Melamed under house arrest carries harmful consequences. He leads the company JSC “Composite”, which performs a number of defense contracts to refurbish Russian army,” was made by lawyer Vladimir Pankratov. He insisted that the products (polymer materials), which produces the company needed for the production of a number of fighter planes. While under house arrest, Melamed could not monitor the company and the fulfillment of defense orders, were made by Pankratov.

The Melamed was very brief. He stated that it supported the lawyers. “I’m just worried about the wife, she is torn in two houses, and this apartment [on Leninsky Prospekt], to say the least, not habitable. Thank you, the court of first instance allowed me to walk in responsibility areas, but that Parking lot and in the winter there is nothing to breathe,” said the entrepreneur. After his arrest in the summer of Melamed and his lawyers were asked to choose the place of house arrest, the country house of the businessman in the settlement “Silver Bohr” in the suburbs, but the court put him in an apartment at his residence. In turn, the Prosecutor asked to leave the businessman under house arrest. She insisted that the investigation continues and justification for mitigation measure no. The investigator also asked to refuse satisfaction of the complaint. Now the term of house arrest Melamed will expire on March 1. Until that time, the investigator must address in Basmanny court with the petition on prolongation of a preventive measure, and extend the term of preliminary investigation, which expires on March 11.

Conflict contract

The investigation accused Melamed of embezzling 220 million rubles to the state Corporation “RUSNANO” (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code).

Under the version of Investigatory Committee, in 2007 and 2009 Melamed organized contracts “RUSNANO” investment-financial Corporation “Alemar” (CJSC “IFC “Alemar”), the co-owner of which he also was. The contract involves the provision by the firm for consulting services valued at 220 million rubles.

In the implementation of this scheme, according to investigators, the Melamed, his Deputy Andrey Malyshev and chief financial officer Svyatoslav Ponurov.

Now Ponurov also arrested and is in jail, and the kid wanted.

The Melamed said at the meeting of the Basmanny court in July, when the decision was made by electing him house arrest, not guilty.

“I think the arguments of the investigation do not correspond to reality and is willing to assist the investigation in establishing the truth,” was made by the Melamed. He insisted that neither he nor Malyshev, nor Ponurov could not initiate a contract which is imputed to them as theft. “At that time I no longer worked at the Corporation, it was not the level or Ponurova Malyshev”, — insisted and Melamed argued that Ponurova he generally had a bad relationship.