The Deputy of the state Duma proposed to investigate “the corruption of the Obama administration” in the Hague court and UN

MOSCOW, February 16. State Duma Deputy, member of General Council of “United Russia” Vladimir Burmatov proposed to investigate on the international level corruption, according to him, are approved by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama in the implementation of foreign and domestic policy.

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“In my opinion, the corruption of the Obama administration in the implementation of foreign and domestic policy should be investigated and discussed in the most important venues – from the Hague to the United Nations, the OSCE and the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe”, – said Burmatov, speaking today from the “United Russia” in the framework of the “desyatiminutki” allotted factions for political statements at the beginning of the plenary session of the house.

The MP stated that there is a “whole countries that regularly try to criticize Russia, including the map corruption playing, presenting, quite frankly, wild accusations, posting biased ratings and engaging in outright lies”. “Most have succeeded, of course, United States of America”, – said Burmatov.

In the opinion of United Russia, the USA have long used discussion of the theme of corruption as a political tool when it suits them. “And when it is unprofitable – I prefer this topic not be applicable. For example, in those cases, when it comes to corruption at the state level in America, or her so-called partner countries, you will never hear in world print a word about it,” he said. Meanwhile, he said, in the US corruption “has really state the scope, pervades all political institutions and is an integral part of the policy, including foreign”.