The head of the Sevastopol opposed direct election of the Governor

Their attitude to the idea of holding direct elections meniailo stated on air of transfer “Pozner”, which was released on the First channel on the night of Tuesday. “I am for strong vertical of power to governors appointed”, – he said in answer to question Vladimir Pozner, whether he supports the idea of the return procedure for direct elections in the city.

Previously Menyailo said that is “only for direct elections”. “I submitted a similar draft amendments to the Charter for consideration by the legislative Assembly”,— he said “Kommersant”, despite the fact that the Charter of Sevastopol at that time was forbidden to him as the acting head of the region to amend the basic document of the region.

The idea of holding direct elections for Governor in Sevastopol in 2016 last week suggested that the speaker of the legislative Assembly of the city Alexey Chaly, which conflicts Menyailo.

“A good option from my point of view, if he believes that he is a good leader, he can prove it the city, as in his time did many governors and mayors of Russian cities — about thirty: retired, was acting and went to the polls. Let him go,” said Chaly at a press conference in Sevastopol (record have). The speaker of the legislative Assembly added that, in his opinion, Menyailo “unable to manage the city anything effectively.” Himself Chaly expressed intentions to run for the gubernatorial post.

Menyailo that day was unavailable for comment.

To go to the procedure of direct elections of heads of Sevastopol, require a two-thirds vote of the deputies of the local Parliament – 16 of 24. At the end of December Chalyi announced that the regional leadership is not doing its job, announced he is retiring and has offered to do the same to the Governor Menyailo.

A source in the presidential administration told that in January Chaly came to Moscow, where he met with the first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin, who oversees domestic policy. According to sources, after this meeting Chaly has decided to leave his post. At the meetings of the legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Chaly question of care was not discussed, what is required for a final resignation to the Chairman of the legislative Assembly, and he continued to work on a post of the speaker.

1 February, deputies of the Sevastopol headed Chaly recognized unsatisfactory work of the government and recommended Menyailo it dissolve. On February 8, Chaly appointed acting speaker of Parliament, his Deputy Catherine Altybaeva, and he went on unpaid leave indefinitely.