The media learned about the plans Amnesty for illegal entrepreneurs

The Ministry of economic development has proposed to release from liability of private entrepreneurs carried out the activity illegally, write “Vedomosti”. The publication familiarized with the new version of the plan for sustainable social and economic development, prepared by the Ministry of economic development and other agencies.

“Anyone who receives income from business activities is illegal and will notify the tax authorities, officials suggest to establish tax holidays for three years, and at the same time to exempt from insurance contributions. The bill, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and the Ministry of labor must develop to the fourth quarter of 2016”, — the newspaper writes.

The representative of the Ministry of economic development told the publication that the plan is being finalized and a final version will be submitted to the government early next week.

In January 2016 the Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to mitigate the conditions of Amnesty. How to write “Vedomosti”, it was proposed to expand the list of assets falling under the Amnesty of capital at the expense of intangible assets and land plots, intellectual property, vehicles, directly to the Bank accounts.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance has proposed to extend the requirement for repatriation of funds only and not on any movable property that solves the issue of securities.

The law “On the voluntary Declaration of physical persons assets and Bank accounts (deposits) in banks” came into force from 1 July 2015. According to him the Russians can inform the tax authorities about their property and deposits in banks outside Russia in exchange for exemption from criminal, administrative and tax responsibility.

Although initially it was planned that act, the Amnesty of capital will be until 31 December 2015 years later the validity of the law was extended for another six months upon the proposal of President Vladimir Putin.