The Ministry decided on the size of the state-run VEB

The Ministry of economic development has assessed the state aid the Bank’s 150 billion rubles This figure is contained in new draft anti-crisis plan prepared by the Ministry. About it writes on Monday, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the new version of the document.

The publication notes that previously a specific amount in the project was not specified. However, the source of funding are still not defined.

At the end of January the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev said that in 2016, the state may provide support to VEB in the amount of 150-200 billion rubles To the question of whether assistance provided to the web directly from the budget, the speaker then difficult to answer.

According to the employee of the Bank, the money will be allocated directly from the budget and not through other forms of support. He also said that 150 billion rubles to VEB is not enough.

Federal official in an interview with the publication said that 150 billion rubles is a preliminary estimate. He acknowledged that may need a lot of money.

Overall, according to the publication, in the new version of the anti-crisis plan proposed to spend 980,3 billion rubles Previously, the Ministry had proposed to spend on 152,6 billion less. The final version of the new version of the anti-crisis plan will be submitted to the government this week. It is planned to consider at government session on February 18.