The Ministry of transport told about 197 detained in Russia Ukrainian trucks

On the territory of the Russian Federation stopped the movement of 197 trucks with Ukrainian registration, is spoken in the message of Ministry of transport. The Ministry noted that the official notification from the Ukrainian side about the suspension of transit of Russian trucks are not yet available.

“In connection with appeared in mass media messages which say February 15, 2016, the Ukrainian side has taken the decision to suspend transit through the territory of Ukraine of cargo vehicles, registered in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of transport of Russia reports: the official notice from the Ukrainian authorities in the office had not received”, — stated in the message.

“The bodies of Rostransnadzor continue to exercise control in emergency mode against the Ukrainian cargo vehicles in territory of the Russian Federation. To date, 197 suspended the movement of such vehicles”, — explained in the Ministry.

Russia temporarily suspended the movement of trucks registered in Ukraine, on its territory on February 14. Then, the transport Ministry said that a response to block Russian trucks transiting through Ukraine.

The next day, 15 February, a similar decision was taken at a meeting in the government of Ukraine. In Kiev called it a response to Russia’s decision to ban movement of trucks on the eve of the Ukrainian.

Messages about blocking the movement of Russian trucks in the Transcarpathian region of Ukrainian activists arrived on 12 February. The protesters announced that they’re going to stop in the region, the trucks with Russian numbers, which follow the direction of Slovakia and Hungary. By 14 February, activists of nationalist organizations staged a blockade of the Russian trucks across the Western border of Ukraine and in the Zhytomyr region. Moreover, the positions of the nationalists appeared not only on the roads leading in Slovakia, but also on routes linking Ukraine with Belarus.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the “bandits” of the Ukrainian activists blocking the movement of Russian trucks, before in the Kremlin described the situation as “a lawlessness”.

Stream Russian trucks through Ukraine rose sharply after February 1 they were not allowed to pass through Poland. Moscow and Warsaw is not agreed within the time frame the quota of permits for the passage of trucks. As written , if the parties are unable to agree, the cost of Russian carriers may increase up to 8 billion rubles per year.

Poland believes that the new requirements of the Russian legislation in the sphere of regulation of international road transport is aimed at squeezing out of the market by foreign transport companies.