The state Duma has equated the races, the rallies, despite the protests of the opposition

The state Duma adopted in the first reading a government bill, offering to equate to mass protest actions, and encampments of caravans. “For” voted only a fraction of United Russia (238 deputies), the rest of the faction opposed (was attended by 204 members), no abstentions.

A bill allowing the mass protest ranked as the tent camps and rallies, the government introduced at the end of September. The document developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs, amends the law “On assemblies, rallies, demonstrations, processions and picketing”. According to the novels, the rally can be attributed to this form of public event like a demonstration, and the establishment of tents in public places (so-called tent cities) — as picketing. For violation of the proposed rules there is a penalty for citizens-up to 300 thousand rubles, for officials — to 600 thousand rubles, and for legal entities — up to RUB 1 million.

The document was recommended by the Committee on Affairs of public organizations for the adoption in first reading in early December. However, according to the source in the Committee, his leadership has slowed the progress of the bill, postponing it to the spring session, so it is not associated with held at the end of the year the shares of truckers. Committee Chairman Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR) has denied the connection and said that the consideration of short stories was postponed due to the fact that the meeting was unable to attend the representative of the government.

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Deputy Minister Igor Zubov at the meeting of the Parliament insisted that the amendments are technical in nature and only clarify existing standards. With him was jointly submitted to the relevant Committee of the United Russia Mikhail Markelov.

Teeth cited statistics. According to him, in 2014-2015 was new, “not regulated shares” in the form of tent camps and caravans. In 2014, according to the interior Ministry, such events were held in 27 regions with the participation of about 4 thousand persons and 1,5 thousand vehicles. Last year similar actions took place in 59 regions, the number of participants exceeded 35 thousand people and 3 thousand vehicles, told Teeth.

Opponents of the bill from the Duma opposition argued that in the case of adoption will be inevitable “excesses on places”. “In many party organizations of the Communist party on the ground there are cars marked with party symbols, advertising. Whether it is necessary to understand that any car journeys in the regions will amount to a demonstration?” — asked the Communist, Yuri sinelshikov together with colleagues on fraction.

Teeth countered that “for every unfair enforcement officer” can not answer, and what violations of law by employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs Ministry would respond adequately.

Deputy Sergey Ivanov (LDPR) asked whether the interior Ministry is trying by these amendments to counteract the automaidan and tent towns “in Kiev and Chisinau”. Teeth in response, recalled, “that began with the collapse of the Soviet Union, convoys in Ukraine, which went with yellow and blue banners and called for the collapse of the state”.

Colleague Ivanov from LDPR Maxim Sainov said that the government is struggling not with cause but with effect. “People just will not come out and hold shares”, — was indignant the Deputy.

Deputy Dmitry Gudkov noted that “when there are riots, no laws work.” United Russia Markelov urged not to politicize the issue and stressed that the text of the bill doesn’t have the word “rally” and that your changes do not prohibit such actions, and regulate their conduct.