The United States will conduct military exercises in Finland, 160 km from the border with Russia

Air force the United States will send this spring to Finland six F-15S for training exercises, which will take place in 100 miles (about 160 km) from the border with Russia, reports CNN with reference to the representatives of the military command.

The aircraft of the 173-th fighter aviation regiment, stationed at Portland air National guard base in Oregon, will perform maneuvers together with the Finnish armed forces as part of operation “Atlantic determination” (Atlantic Resolve), the United States in 2014.

About the exercises asked US announced major U.S. air force Sherrill, Klinkel. “Most of these exercises took place in Norway, Sweden and other neighbouring countries. However, our F-15S have never participated in the exercises, which are deployed in Finland,” said Klinkel.

Airplanes with base in Oregon will transfer to Finland from 9 to 22 may. They will be accompanied by about 100 pilots.

On maneuvers last week told Finnish TV station Yle. “Teaching American military aviation on this scale before in Finland has not been conducted”, said Yle.

Exercise messages in Finland came through a few days after the U.S. Department of defense announced the project settings in the defense budget beginning on 1 October 2017 fiscal year. It sets out the increase in the budget “Initiative on European security” with $800 million in 2016 to $3.4 billion As noted by the American publication Defense News, the draft budget of the Pentagon demonstrates that its developers have tried to respond to short term challenges facing the States on the basis of which one can recognize that the buildup of European defence capabilities for deterrence of Russia is not less important objective for American military strategists than fighting banned in Russia “Islamic state”.