Apple has promised to fix iPhone error block with the date

Monday, 15 February, Apple acknowledged the existence of errors in the operating system iOS, which allows you to turn off your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch introduction to the setting the date 1 January 1970. Setting this number results in a failure, in which the user cannot enable the device after reboot, said in a statement.

The upcoming software update will fix this bug, promised to Apple. Version 9.3 iOS users will appear in February-March 2016, exact dates to Apple not call. Users who are faced with this problem, a company representative advised me to contact service of technical support.

The first reports of Apple users, which revealed a bug in the software iOS, began to appear on the support page of the company on 12 February.

Attempts to restore the health of smartphones, tablets and iPods using iTunes, not brought results. Some users recommended to include the broken unit to an authorized Apple service center with a copy of the receipt for the purchase.

From malfunction affected Apple devices that use 64-bit processors running operating systems, iOS 8 and iOS 9, reported the Guardian. Among them — iPhone 5S and older model, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, the sixth generation of the iPod Touch 2015 model year and newer. Last update 9.2.1 iOS for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was released in late January.

The manually entered date of 1 January 1970 is technically laborious, the newspaper notes: attackers can automatically set this date on the devices connected to the network, for example when using Wi-Fi.