Azarov called the inevitable recognition by the West of Crimea

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov considers that the West would eventually recognize the inclusion of Crimea in structure of Russia. This thought he expressed in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant”

“Acknowledge, not going anywhere”, he said. “Not now the West want to admit it, some still will not admit it, but in fact everything had already happened, and as painful as for any Ukrainian leader as it sounds, need to accept reality as it is,” said Azarov.

The former Prime Minister cited the example of königsberg, which was once the capital of the Prussian state. “But now none of the German leaders would never say, give back Kaliningrad. So no one would think to raise the question about returning of the Crimea. Was there a referendum, and clearly the Crimeans to live with this Bandera regime did not want. It is their right, they are, in the end, Autonomous Republic”, — explained his idea Azarov.

He added that Russia and Ukraine will sooner or later have to sign the contract about border demarcation. “We are still not completely decorated borders. I dealt with this issue and was told that I have to find some compromises. Any sensible Ukrainian leadership will be keen to finalize the border. When you start to resolve this issue, raise the question of the Crimea”, – said the ex-Premier.

Azarov also recognized that the issue of Crimea is painful. “For many years I was engaged in the development of the Crimea, and now when I hear that the Ukrainian government for anything it does, it is not so. We did everything we could to Crimea.”, — he said, stressing that all stops when you get “orange”.