British fighters were raised to intercept Russian bombers

Two fighter Typhoon Royal air force were raised to intercept two Russian bombers heading towards British airspace. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the official representative of the Ministry of defense of great Britain.

Other details are not reported.

Similar incidents over the past year, occur not for the first time. In November last year Russian Tu-160 were spotted near UK airspace over the Atlantic ocean. For their support were raised fighters Typhoon, located on the Scottish base in Lossiemouth.

In early September, Britain also spotted near its airspace, two Tu-160 from Russia. In the summer a British the BBC published photos of ten Russian planes that were intercepted on July 24, while patrolling fighters Typhoon. It was about four bombers su-34, four MiG-31 fighters and two military transport aircraft An-26, which, according to the Royal air force, performed routine training.

In may, the Typhoon fighters were raised to accompany Russian Tu-95, which went to the North of Scotland. The planes were in international airspace.