In France, they started a new investigation against Sarkozy

Against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy began a formal investigation on the illegal funding of his election campaign in 2012. On it informs bi-Bi-si referring to the statement by the Prosecutor of Paris.

It comes to spending on his presidential campaign, which, according to the investigation, were more than twice exceeded the statutory threshold for the use of money from the electoral Fund.

On Tuesday, Sarkozy was questioned in the magistrates ‘ court, before he was informed that he was untried. Sarkozy himself is denying any involvement in excessive spending, claiming he was not involved in the financing of his election campaign.

It is noted that this step may prove to be the beginning of a possible trial, however, does not mean that Sarkozy himself may become a defendant in the case. At the same time the questioning of former French President as part of this investigation may strike at his plans to take part in the presidential campaign of 2017.