Investigators closed the case against the businessman Boyko-the Great

GSU SKR across the Moscow region dismissed the case against the businessman Vasily Boiko-Veliky, which was charged with the fraudulent theft of 25 thousand hectares of land in the Ruza district of the Moscow region, money laundering and organizing a criminal community. About it writes on Wednesday “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, the case is closed in early February because of “absence of structure of a crime”, after another three days, this decision adopted the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The newspaper reminds that the investigation of the case against Boiko-the Great, lasted for more than ten years. Allegations of large fraud and money laundering he was charged in November 2006 — in absentia, since the investigation could not establish the whereabouts Boyko-the Great. The businessman has consistently announced in the Federal and international wanted list and arrested in absentia.

According to initial investigation, in 2003, Boiko-Veliky created a criminal organization to illegally acquire ownership of land share of reorganized state farms Ruza district and their successors.

Investigators believed that Boiko-Veliky and his ten accomplices bought the property controlled by the businessman firms land shares in the reorganized state farms of a name of L. M. Dovatora, name Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, as well as “Bogorodskoye”, “Raisin”, “Tripolyphosphane”, “Anninsky” and “Progress”.

Investigative actions against Boiko-the Great actually stopped in 2009, the newspaper said. In 2010, the investigation was in suburban GSU SKR. “In the end of the business was allocated in separate production is relatively small episode about the theft of 1.2 ha, the victims involving 298 persons, and the damage is estimated in the sum about 350 million rbl. the investigation was completed last year, after which the materials were sent to the Ruzsky district court”, — reports the edition.

In conversation with the publication of the victims had expressed fear that after the closure of the main case the same fate awaits and is allocated in separate production episode.

Vasily Boiko-Veliky told the newspaper that he considers such an outcome is fair. “I hope that this episode, as well as the main thing, will be closed in the near future — or in connection with the lapse of time, or that it would be more correct, also in the absence of crime structure”, — quotes the edition of his word.