Kasyanov refused to leave Russia despite threats

“I’m afraid for my life and the lives of my colleagues, — said Kasyanov. — Any normal person would have feared for his life”.

According to policy, after the murder of his colleague Boris Nemtsov and solutions lead the list of the PARNAS in the elections to the state Duma, the Kremlin and nationalist groups had appointed his “number one enemy”.

“The authorities want to stop my political activities by using threats, he said. — They want to force me to leave the country. Their goal is to intimidate me. But I decided that I will continue”.

Kasyanov, who served as Prime Minister from 2000 to 2004 with the current President of Russia, believes that it all depends on Vladimir Putin. “Or it stops its aggressive policy in the country and abroad and begins softening and forming an exit strategy for yourself or it… in the end will provoke a collision, which could end very badly” — says opposition politician.

Assessment Kasyanov, the Russians can achieve “revolutionary state” aggravated by economic crisis, at least two years.

Over the past few days on Mikhail Kasyanov has seen a number of attacks. They were preceded by the publication of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in Instagram video, in which the leader of the PARNAS is depicted in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle.

After that, on 5 February, in the office of PARNAS in Saint-Petersburg unknown sprayed pepper gas during the meeting with Kasyanov activists. Four days later, in one of the restaurants in the centre of Moscow it threw a big cake. In conversation with the correspondent Kasyanov said that approached him two people “non-Slavic appearance” dropped the cake, screaming, “you’re the enemy” and “we’ll take them”. After that, they went outside, where they waited for about 20 people. Kasyanov linked the attack with the placement of Kadyrov threats in its address.

The next attack happened on February 11 in Vladimir. The leader of PARNAS egged activists of the people’s liberation movement (GCD), when he entered the building, where was to be held the meeting with journalists. Before the press conference, the activists NOD organized the rally. They shouted slogans, demanding Kasyanov to go abroad. A day later a group of people tried to disrupt his press conference in Nizhny Novgorod.

The frequent threats and attacks Kasyanov was forced to cancel a meeting with the public. On his page in Facebook the politician complained that he twice appealed to the police, but law enforcement bodies do not react to his statements.