Mail.Ru called revenge advice to the players of World of Tanks to change the mail

Mail.Ru commented on game World of Tanks, which recommended to replace the mailboxes. With such offer to the users made the developer Wargaming.

“Security of our mail is, fortunately, irrelevant. This is a banal revenge. Wargaming is very unnerving popularity of our new project “Armata”, which operates in a similar niche with them and have been doing very well,” said Anna Artamonova, Vice-President Mail.Ru Group.

Artamonov noted that ” the guys from WG [Wargaming] refused tact and taste.” “Personally, in my opinion, the dissemination of slander is unacceptable even in revenge. We are in the “Mail” pay great attention to security,” she said.

The Council change is bound to the account Inbox appeared on the website of World of Tanks. The developers have promised a bonus to those players who change address. Your Inbox is the most important link in the protection system, because it can help you to regain control of the account if the account is hacked or you forget the password… To a higher level of security advise you to change not just email, but also mailing service (,, etc.)”, — stated in the message.

The press service of Wargaming explained that the company held similar events before. “The safety of our players is our top priority. Shares to replace the password and email are held regularly regardless of the kind of mail used by the user. Previously, we conducted such activity:
“change your password and get a reward” and “tie up your telephone and get a reward,” explained the company.

In January 2016 Mail.Ru Group has launched a promotion for their game “Armored Warfare: the Project Armata”. The company offered bouncy those World of Tanks players who register in the “Armata” and will fight on any technique sixth level.