Medvedev will discuss with United Russia the preparation of the election programme of the party

Medvedev will discuss with United Russia the preparation of the election programme of the party

MOSCOW, February 17. Meeting of the Commission on the preparation of the program document of the “United Russia” on forthcoming elections in the state Duma will be held in Moscow. Participation in it will accept the party’s Chairman, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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Programme Board was established at the first stage of the pre-election Congress of United Russia, which was held on 5-6 February.

Then Medvedev has informed that the guide will “personally as the Chairman of the party”. Also in the composition of the Commission, as explained by the Secretary of the party’s General Council, Deputy speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov, became Chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia Boris Gryzlov, the head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Olga batalina, the Deputy chairmen of the lower house of Parliament Sergei Zheleznyak and Andrei Isayev, other MPs, analysts, academics

Speaking before the delegates of the Congress, Medvedev pointed out that the party’s program, which she will go to the September elections to the state Duma shall be prepared in the shortest possible time. “All I was saying, – measures to support people and the economy – should be included in the election program of “United Russia”. We have to develop it in the shortest possible time and to think carefully about the content, because with it we will go to elections,” he said.

According to the leader of United Russia, program document captures the priorities, guided by will to meet the challenges of Russia’s development, and how and when they will be finished. “The program will be given answers to the main questions that bother people now. People want to know what will happen, how they will live today and tomorrow. How will their rights be protected? And who will protect them? The first question we will answer in detail, offering a clear and coherent set of measures,” added the Prime Minister.

Medvedev stressed that the main thing that should be in this document – “is a rigid adherence to strategic goals”. “A goal these simple. We need to help those who are in dire need of support. And all the rest – to give the opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their loved ones,” he said.

The Prime Minister considers that “no modern political forces” except United Russia, “not really ready to fulfill its commitments.” “And not just to respond, and to respond Affairs, new kindergarten, new schools, miles of roads built, modern housing, stadiums, gymnasiums, products labeled “Made in Russia”. All of this is our work”, – said Medvedev.

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation to be held on 18 September 2016. They will pass on the mixed system: 225 deputies will be elected on party lists and 225 – on one-mandatory districts.