Mironov: Ilkovsky has resigned as head of Transbaikalia for personal reasons

Mironov: Ilkovsky has resigned as head of Transbaikalia for personal reasons

MOSCOW, February 17. The leader of the party “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov said that the resignation of his fellow party member Konstantin Ilkovsky from the post of Governor of Transbaikalia is connected with “personal reasons”.

“The region which was headed by Konstantin Ilkovsky, is very difficult, and he had personal views,” – said Mironov.

He also reported that he was informed about the possible resignation Ilkovsky. “It’s a surprise no-show”, – said the leader of just Russia.

Neverov: spravorossy could professionally help Ilkovsky

The Secretary of the General Council “United Russia”, Deputy Duma speaker Sergei Neverov has criticized the leadership of “Fair Russia” in that it preferred “to be engaged in populism”, not to help a party representative Konstantin Ilkovsky who resigned as head of the TRANS-Baikal territory.

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“Konstantin Ilkovsky TRANS-Baikal left edge, which has recently consistently provides news resources news about yet another delay of salaries to state employees. The region must be saved” – Neverov wrote on his page on the social network Facebook.

In this regard he quoted the statements made by the leader of just Russia Sergey Mironov, who spoke about Ilkovsky as “the person experienced, the handyman”.

“It’s interesting that now say Mironov? That, they say, was mistaken, or that the experiment failed?”, asked the Secretary of General Council of United Russia, claiming that, for example, “representatives “Fair Russia” has proved the collapse of the system overhaul in the Sverdlovsk region”.

“Sergey Mironov boasts of the fact that the “Fair Russia” many professionals… Instead of engaging in populism and to demand the resignation of the government, would go all these professionals in the TRANS-Baikal territory, would help his friend a budget to draw up, fulfilled his promise to help solve the problems of the province! Where is your help and support? What do you say now?” – said Neverov to just Russia.

The resignation of the head of Transbaikalia

The Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a decree on early termination of powers of the Governor of Transbaikalian territory Konstantin Ilkovsky. As noted in the document released by the press service of the Kremlin, Ilkovsky has retired “at own will”.

52-year-old Konstantin Ilkovsky began his career in Yakutia. 4 December 2011 was the Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation, a member of the faction “Fair Russia”. February 28, 2013 Ilkovsky has been appointed acting Governor of TRANS-Baikal territory. September 8, 2013 elected Governor of Transbaikalia.