Obama said about the lack of intention “to compete with Putin” in Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama said that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin has no competition in Syria. The corresponding statement of the American leader made during a press conference at the summit of the US-ASEAN in California.

According to Obama, is wrong to think that “the war ends anyway, because Russia and the Assad regime has achieved some initial success.” “About three quarters of the country still controlled by Assad, and others. I say this, by the way, without pleasure. This is not a competition between me and Putin”, – quotes its words Bloomberg.

According to the American President, Russia can get bogged down in Syria. “Putin may think that he is willing to put in the permanent occupation of Syria, but it will be very expensive. If you look at the state of the Russian economy, this is obviously not a good idea for Russia,” Obama said.

“If Russia continues indiscriminate bombing, like those that we see, I think it’s fair to say that you will not see” that the rebels will go to the adoption of the agreement on the ceasefire, Obama said.

The US President also noted that the participation of Russian HQs in Syria, are evidence of the weakness of the Syrian regime. Putin, in his opinion, it would be better to contribute to a political transition in Syria.