Pligin: the Committee will suggest the state Duma to consider candidacy in the new CEC on February 24

Pligin: the Committee will suggest the state Duma to consider candidacy in the new CEC on February 24

MOSCOW, February 17. The profile state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction will offer the lower house of Parliament to consider the appointment of members of the Central election Commission (CEC) of the Russian Federation on 24 February. About it has informed journalists the head of the Committee Vladimir Pligin.

“The proposal of the Committee,” he said.

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According to pligina, “currently nominated candidates to the Central electoral Commission all the factions of the state Duma”. He recalled that the “United Russia” – Valery Kryukov, Valery Galchenko, from LDPR – Sergey Sirotkin, from the Communist party – Eugene Kolyushin, from “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levichev. A meeting of the Committee for the review of materials will take place at 18:05 Moscow time Sunday (19 February), said Pligin.

The CEC is formed for a period of 5 years, consisting of 15 people, 5 of which are approved by the state Duma, 5 – the Federation Council, and the remaining 5 – the President of the Russian Federation. The powers of the current CEC members expire on 27 March.

The Federation Council 10 February delegated to the new composition of the CEC Senator Nicholas bulayeva, publicist Alexander kljukina, as well as active members of the Central electoral Commission of Maya Grishin (previously held by the quota of the President of the Russian Federation), Siyabshah Shapieva and Anton Lopatin.

From the active members of the CEC in “quota” SF not included Elena Dubrovina and Nina kuliasova and Secretary of the CEC Nikolai Konkin. Currently the state Duma in the CEC are in addition to those members of the Commission Denis Panshin (United Russia), Sergey Danilenko (“Fair Russia”) and Oleg Lavrov (LDPR). The CEC head Vladimir Churov was appointed under the presidential quota.

The new composition of the CEC will have to organize elections to the state Duma, which will be held on September 18.