Putin: Russia and Hungary will be able to recover mutual trade on a sustainable growth path

MOSCOW, February 17. Putin is confident that Russia and Hungary will be able to recover mutual trade on a sustainable growth path after a recession because of sanctions and market conditions.

Without good relations with Russia, the Hungarian industry would be incapable

Contacts Hungary and Russia are developing well in a tense situation in the world. This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban after the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“Our contacts are developing well, and it’s just amazing. Because it is obvious that the international situation is not favorable. In these conditions, we should improve our relations,” he said.

In this case, Orban said that energy exports from Russia’s “vitally important” for the production in Hungary.

“The export of energy resources from Russia is extremely vital issue for Hungary. Without good economic contacts with Russia, the Hungarian industry would be simply incapable,” said Orban.

About the problem of refugees in Europe

Russia and Hungary agree that to solve the refugee problem is possible only through the settlement of the conflict in Syria and the middle East, Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, the sides exchanged views on topical international issues, including the situation in the middle East and North Africa and “acute immigration crisis”.

“In our view, to solve the problem of refugees must, in the first place, to reach a political settlement of the conflicts in Syria, Libya and other countries whose citizens war and devastation were forced to leave their homes. We need to work together to fight terrorism, to facilitate the return of the middle East to a peaceful and normal life”, – said Putin.

The Russian President is sympathetic to the views of Hungary, coinciding with pan-European, settlement in the middle East. “We expressed their views about the causes of this crisis (refugees in Europe), it seems to me that our vision largely coincide”, – the Russian leader said, answering a question at a press conference after talks with Prime Minister of Hungary.
Speaking about the refugee issue, Putin called it “an internal problem of the EU”.

“We(Russia) do not interfere in these matters, we know that within the European Union itself are under debate on this issue”, – said the President. He admitted: “the position of Hungary and its Prime Minister, which is upholding European identity, the identity of their country and people, we are cute”.

“As for many other aspects of a political settlement in the middle East, conducting combat operations, the Prime Minister (Hungary) takes the position that is formulated by the EU as a whole, and we treat this with understanding”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.