Rosstat will purchase the tablets to conduct the agricultural census in 2016

MOSCOW, February 17. Rosstat will purchase the tablets to conduct the agricultural census in 2016, to increase efficiency and to reduce the increased burden on enumerators. This was announced at the expanded session of Board of Federal service of state statistics (Rosstat) Alexander Surinov head.

“In 2016 will be held the second in contemporary history of Russia agricultural census. Almost two-thirds of enumerators will be provided with tablet computers that we buy in February of this year. These tablets have a complex protection, the compliance of Russian legislation on information security,” he said.

The use of tablets well-established when conducting a micro-census of the population last year, Surinov said. “We believe that this will solve the problem of increasing the burden on the census takers”, – said the head of Rosstat.

According to him, the cost of the census had been cut. “We were forced to exclude a number of questions for the questionnaires, particularly regarding agricultural enterprises, peasant farms and individual entrepreneurs. Significantly reduced the number of enumerators. As a result, almost doubled compared to the 2006 census, the load on one of the census from 6 to 10 objects per day”, – explained the head of Department.

In some areas information gathering will be carried out in the traditional way by using questionnaires, said Surinov.

He added that preliminary analysis of the assessments showed overall positive attitudes towards the agricultural census.

The census in 2016 will get a wide range of information about the state of agriculture is data about new methods of farming, and loans and their intended use, said head of Rosstat.