Shvetsov: Russia banks cut investorstate due to the compression of the stock market

MAGNITOGORSK, February 17.Russian banks have reduced their investment units due to the compression of the stock market. This was announced on Wednesday on the Ural forum “Information security of the financial sector” first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov.

“The cuts were everywhere. Of course, units that are not capable of earning, the first to be reduced. On the bonds of such reduction is not passed, mostly concerned the stock market”, – he said.

According to Shvetsova, to hire investment bankers is not difficult, therefore, if the situation in this area of Finance will change, the credit institution will be able to restore power.

“We look for Russia”

Vneshprombank might skew the data in the issue prospectus of its bonds, said Shvetsov.

“We look to Russia because of Vneshprombank were bonds – there is reason to believe that could be the distortion of information in the prospectus stated, and that criminal penalties”, – he said.

Shvetsov has reminded that the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) is now “engaged in the liquidation of the Bank”, the results of which will be possible to draw a conclusion about what happened with the credit organization and what it is “burned”.

The Bank of Russia on January 21, withdrew the license at Vneshprombank. Prior to that, the slider on 22 December enacted a moratorium for a period of three months on satisfaction of requirements of creditors of Vneshprombank that is insured. Measures in connection with dissatisfaction of requirements of creditors under liabilities within the terms exceeding seven days after the date of satisfaction.