State-owned companies retained for senior managers pre-crisis remuneration

The total average income of top managers of the largest state-owned companies had not actually changed in the previous crisis year. To this conclusion came after analyzing the data of two dozen state-owned companies, corporations and banks, disclosing the size of payments to top managers and salaries of other employees in their quarterly reports.

As it turned out , the total compensation of top managers of companies from the sample was changed to 0% compared with 2014. A leader in higher income managers became “Rosneft”. Last year top managers of the company headed by Igor Sechin in an average received 312 million rubles, or 26 million rubles a month. This is 43% higher than the 2014 level. In dollar terms, total payments fell by 10%.

On the second place by size of payouts in the companies from the sample were top managers of Sberbank. The average monthly income of the members of the team Herman Gref has dropped by 7% to 16.2 mln In dollar equivalent of the reduction in remuneration fell by 41%. In this case, payments to the management of other state-owned banks has decreased considerably. Payments to members of the management Board of Vnesheconombank fell by 11% to 2.2 million rubles per month. The income of top managers of Russian agricultural Bank dropped by 28%, on average amounting to 2.1 million rubles a month.

Monthly remuneration of the management VTB head Andrei Kostin in 2015 fell four times — 11.6 million rubles to 2.9 million In dollar terms, revenue decreased 6.5 times. Employees of the press service of the Bank explained this reduction in the fall in the Bank’s profit under IFRS in 2014.

Dropped significantly and the income of top managers “Bashneft”. Their remuneration decreased by 72% from 133 million rubles to less than 38 million rubles. the representatives of the company explained that the salaries of the heads almost unchanged, decreasing by 2.3%. The reduction of bonus payments in the “Bashneft” has explained “high base of 2014”.

The management of “Aeroflot” also has lost more than half of the monthly payment, the average monthly income of top managers amounted to 2.6 million rubles

Last year was successful for the representatives of the energy companies. The remuneration of the members of the Board of “RusHydro” has doubled to 146.3 million rubles, payments to top-managers “inter RAO UES” have increased more than one and a half times (an average of 7.6 million rubles per month). The incomes of the top managers of FGC UES, JSC IDGC of centre and “Russian grids” has grown on 25%, 20% and 13% respectively.

Among the leaders on the growing income entered “Rostelecom”. Its top executives received for 2015 67% more than in 2014 — an average of 51 million rubles.