The court refused to abolish the requirement about replacement of car numbers in the Crimea

The Supreme court on Wednesday refused to satisfy the complaint of a motorist from Sevastopol Vyacheslav the Template. In his opinion, the Russian government had no right to demand from the inhabitants of the Peninsula to re-register Ukrainian cars in Russia.

In his complaint he asked to recognize illegal the government decision No. 1171, adopted on 31 October 2015. It sets the period of re-registration of vehicles before April 1, 2016.

According to the plaintiff, this decision directly contradicts the law on accession of Crimea and Sevastopol, which in article 12 establishes a perpetual action of the Ukrainian documents for residents of the Peninsula (unless otherwise follows from the documents themselves or the nature of the relationship).

A Mulyar assured the three judges that if you just re-register the vehicle in the Peninsula from Ukrainian to Russian numbers, he will still remain in Ukrainian bases. And if such a car to drive in the territory of Ukraine, local authorities will regard it as the movement on the car with fake documents. “I know two cases where machines on the territory of Ukraine just seized and not returned to the owners,” said Mulyar.

According to the plaintiff, motorists there is still another option: to go to Ukraine first and there to remove their cars from the register. But then when returning to Crimea they will need to pay taxes and fees.

Mulyar, complained that Ukraine had left him with relatives buried there by his grandparents. But to visit him while he was not going with them, as may come under military conscription was told by the plaintiff.

New order

For its part, the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the armed forces Hayk Marjan asked to refuse satisfaction of the complaint and insisted that the requirement to put the car on the account in Russia can’t violate property rights. Now, for the procedure motorists do not want to remove the machine account in Ukraine or to pay the registration fee. But the cars still remain in Ukrainian bases.

“Nothing to be afraid of, in the Crimea and Sevastopol already registered 433 thousand cars, of which 256 thousand were re-registered with the Ukrainian rooms”, — told the representative. Now on the Peninsula there are about 45 thousand cars with Ukrainian numbers, talked to Marian. “This issue is connected not only with trips to Ukraine, now on any stolen vehicle can put the transliteration and ride across Russia.

“Time to introduce these cars in the Russian legal field. Neperechislenie cars are not registered, their owners pay no taxes, are not listed in databases — explained Marian. – It is not clear how they are prosecuted, the penalties in Kiev to send?”.

In turn, Marian said that the interior Ministry will consider the possibility to simplify the procedure for those motorists who want to independently rent your car from the Ukraine and only then to put on record in Russia.

For example, there may be a preliminary inspection of cars in the Russian offices of the traffic police to fix cars and do not require duties and taxes on their return to the Peninsula after de-registration.