The FAS brought the case on advertising “Volodin and Gref — not gay”

The FAS initiated a case against LLC “gelleri Service” (the operator of outdoor advertising Gallery) and CJSC “Vall-the CIS” (the operator of outdoor advertising Russ Outdoor). The case was filed on January 28, 2016, and the definition was published on the website of the FAS on 1 February.

Posters with the inscription “Volodin, and Gref is not gay” and “make the news “news” appeared on several situbondo in Moscow (small ad format, usually placed at bus stops and sidewalks) in November 2015. City boards belonged to the operators of the Gallery and Russ Outdoor’s and were located in the Pyatnitskaya street and Zatsepskiy Shaft. The posters stayed there for several hours, after which they are dismantled.

In mid-November in “Izvestia” published a note, stating that by order of the U.S. Department of state LGBT activists are trying to blame the gay “the most effective members of the government and the presidential administration”, in particular the first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration Vyacheslav Volodin and the head of Sberbank German Gref.

The News Media holding, which belongs to Aram and Moreover controls the newspaper “Izvestia” said that have nothing to do with advertising. The Gabrelyanov told then that, in his opinion, the posters are directed against Vyacheslav Volodin. At the same time the representatives of the operators stated that the posters posted on sitibordov illegally and without their knowledge.

LLC “Ainus” (one of the legal entities-News Media) filed a complaint to the FAS for these posters. In determination about initiation of proceedings States that since the appearance of advertisements initiated not in the “news” and the posters are not aimed at the promotion of Newspapers on the market, they cannot be considered advertising.

This, according to the FAS, violates section 2 of article 19 FZ “About advertising” in which advertising structure shall be used solely for the purpose of advertising. In the service believe that external operators can be guilty of violating the legislation on advertising.

The FAS has obliged the operators of the Gallery and Russ Outdoor to provide copies of constituent documents, copies of promotional materials, posted on sitibordov that were used in the action, and a written explanation (with evidence) on the merits of the claims. The hearing is scheduled for February 29.