The FSB and the Federal tax service began a sweep of the alcohol market

As writes on Wednesday the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to two Federal officials, on Tuesday the FSB with FTS representatives visited the offices of the largest player in the market of vodka “Status-group”, as well as several wholesale suppliers and distilleries (distillery) in Kabardino-Balkaria. According to interlocutors of the edition, law enforcers acted on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

FNS representative added that during the operational activities in the offices have been seized documents, which may become the basis for excitation of criminal cases for evasion from payment of taxes.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, we are talking about the scheme 11 distillery in Kabardino-Balkaria launched in 2015. According to it in USAIS reflected significantly large amount of excise, than in the declarations that has resulted in the growth of tax arrears. The excise tax is paid monthly, and the procedure of tax audits is three to five months, they explain.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, these factories for the year 2015 declared 23.9 billion rubles less excise than was recorded in the system of USAIS. To collect the tax only managed 1,871 billion roubles the Ministry of Finance estimates, only Kabardino-Balkaria damages exceeded 23 billion rubles But it was actually legal alcohol legally obtained trademark that reported producers from illegal alcohol damage several times, said the newspaper the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the publication, it was decided urgently to stop the scheme. However, in order to initiate a criminal case, the desired primary documents, told the publication Federal official. The Federal tax service and the Ministry of Finance has decided to enlist the support of the President.

As previously reported, citing data from Nielsen, “Status groups”, which became the market leader in the spring of 2015 to the end of the year increased its share in the volume of sales to 18.4%. The company specializes in inexpensive brands are: “Good bear”, “Kalina Krasnaya”, “the Old mark”.

The name of the owner in the “Status group” is not called, indicating only that “the beneficiary company is a well-known businessman, not afishiruet their attitude to the company”. Three sources in the alcoholic market from among top managers of private companies in 2015 were told that the creation of a “Status group” is the former co-owner of “metalloinvest” Vasily Anisimov, the billionaire (43-e a place in rating Forbes with wealth of $2 billion). But he this information is not confirmed, noting only that “takes stock of the distribution business of the company”.

Previously in “Status-group” explained that the reason for their success “in well-chosen strategy”. The second part of the recipe for a successful strategy — the company is an exclusive partner of the state company “Rosspirtprom”, which in 2002-2009, he worked as the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanija (PAP) Igor Chuyan. It is PAP at the end of December 2014 has issued the order on reduction of the minimum retail price for vodka from 220 to 185 rubles, the main beneficiary of which in fact became a “Status group”.