The government decided to postpone rate increase for truckers

From March 1 the rate will not increase, Dvorkovich said, without specifying how long will prolong its action.

As written, the paragraph about the extension of preferential rates of electronic tolls for heavy trucks were listed in the draft anti-crisis plan of the government. According to the draft plan, it was planned to extend the validity coefficient of 0.41 for the Board size, but for how long was not specified.

Sources in the government and the Duma argued that the current rate of 1.53 in rubles per 1 km of road can be extended up to October 2016.

The toll collection from heavy vehicles was introduced from 15 November and sparked protests by truckers in many regions. They complained of failures in the system, and that in addition to “Plato” they charge the transport tax and excise taxes included in fuel cost. Then, the government has reduced rate: until 29 February rate is valid 1,53 rbl. for 1 km and from 1 March it was to be 3.06 rubles.

The spokesman said that the Agency believes is right, “at least a year to live with this rate [RUR 1,53], statistics were generated”.

Later, President Vladimir Putin urged to cancel the transport tax 12-tinnikov. However, the government considered that the abolition of the vehicle tax will lead to lower incomes in regional budgets to 146.2 billion rubles in 2016, and did not support the bill.

In return, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Finance has proposed to replace the abolition of the tax deduction from fees through “Plato”.