The organizers of the blockade of Russian trucks agreed to release them in Russia

The organizers of the blockade of the transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine agreed to let them back in Russia. This was announced on his page in Facebook one of the organizers of the blockade in Zakarpattia oblast Taras Deyak.

“I agree miss Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine to Russia in response to the unblocking of Ukrainian vehicles, cargo and drivers in the movement across borders of Russia towards Ukraine,” he wrote, adding that the decision was taken “for the sake of the Ukrainians, in particular, of our countrymen-leaving impoverished, many remained “hostage” in Russia without the ability to go home.”

“We will not interfere with the coordinated movement of Russian trucks heading towards Russia in case of observance of all requirements and deadlines and only within certain time”, — reads the statement of the organizers of the blockade.

On Tuesday, Russia and Ukraine agreed on a regime that will allow trapped in both countries the truck drivers to return to their homeland. We are talking about so the “go home”. According to the statement published on the website of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, he will act on the territory of countries from 15 to 25 February. Ukraine will be able to return trucks that are in Russia or Asia on the border with Russia. In turn, Kiev will allow passage through the territory of Ukraine Russian trucks return home from the EU.

Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Oksana Reiter previously urged the organizers of the blockade in ten days, not to interfere with the movement of Russian trucks home.

14 February Russia temporarily suspended the movement of trucks registered in Ukraine. Then, the transport Ministry said that a response to block Russian trucks transiting through Ukraine. On 15 February, a similar decision was taken by the government of Ukraine. Kiev called it a response to Russia’s decision to prohibit the movement of Ukrainian trucks.