The problems with indiscipline and housing: the resignation of the former head of Transbaikalia

The problems with indiscipline and housing: the resignation of the former head of Transbaikalia

MOSCOW, February 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted Tuesday the resignation at own will the Governor of Transbaikalian territory Konstantin Ilkovsky. While the acting head of Transbaikalia has not been appointed. The ex-Governor explains the decision to resign, criticism of the government.

Sands on the causes

The President has signed the decree about resignation of the Governor of Transbaikalia and the announcement of reprimand to the head of Karelia after meeting with them on Tuesday. As stated to journalists the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, Putin studied “the problems of financial discipline and the execution of budgetary obligations” in these regions. “The situation leaves much to be desired”, – stated the representative of the Kremlin.

Acting head of Transbaikalia has not been scheduled yet. “As the candidate appears and the President will make the decision, we will inform you,” he said.

Resignation and future plans

Ilkovsky said that the decision to resign was made after criticism of the government. He also noted that he has “very big” future plans, and now the main thing for him is to finish and to refer cases in the region.

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“Were the claims by these or other government leaders, so I decided that in these circumstances it is better to make such a decision. I went to him (the President of the Russian Federation – ed.) he asked, and he took it” – he explained, speaking about the reasons of resignation.

“Great, now we have to complete all the work, to transfer those cases. Then still three years of the Governor’s work – it is a thing hard enough, so a little sleep and start”, – said Ilkovsky.

The opinion of the legislature

Voluntary resignation of the Governor of Transbaikalian territory Konstantin Ilkovsky was a reaction to harsh criticism of the President for the failure of the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing, according to the representative in the Federation Council from the Executive authorities of Transbaikalia Bair Zhamsuev.

“What led to this? I think that was harsh criticism of the President, which was announced last week to address the TRANS-Baikal region due to the failure of the program of resettlement from dilapidated and temporary housing,” said the Senator. “I think it was a major signal to the Governor that they are very dissatisfied with the government of the Russian Federation, so he decided, on the basis of this criticism that we should leave,” he added.

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The MP has refrained from predictions about what changes may occur in the administration of the region after the withdrawal Ilkovsky. “Everything will depend on whose nomination will be proposed to the post of acting Governor until elections,” said Zhamsuev. However, he does not exclude that some changes in the government of the region will happen, because, “criticism was not only addressed to the Governor, this also applies to the management team, primarily the government.”

Manual TRANS-Baikal territory is obliged to pay the wages and social benefits, as well as to address the problem of dilapidated housing in the region. These are the main challenges facing the authorities of the region, said Vice-speaker of the legislative Assembly, Secretary of the regional branch of “United Russia” Sergei Mikhailov.

In an interview, commenting on the resignation Ilkovsky, he said, “All authorities of Transbaikalian edge it is necessary to continue work on the challenges facing the region. The Executive, in the first place. The main task – time to pay wages and social benefits,” – said Mikhailov.

The resignation must “shake” the governors

The resignation of the Governor of TRANS-Baikal region Konstantin Ilkovsky and the pronunciation of the President the head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen will serve as a “soft shake” all of the governors, the head of Fund “Petersburg politics” Mikhail Vinogradov.

“It’s a way to give a signal that the Federal center does not remain indifferent to the most problematic territories and is ready to take radical steps human element… It’s a soft shake of the governors”, he said.

The expert noted that Ilkovsky and Hudilaynen were “politically weak governors” and had “relatively low popularity”.

Vinogradov has reminded that in the autumn the rating of political survival rate of governors in the preparation of which was attended by the Fund “Petersburg politics”, Hudilainen Ilkovsky and received a “three” on a scale. In the annual rating of efficiency of governors of the Foundation for civil society development Hudilainen took one of the last places with 45 points out of a possible 100, and Ilkovsky is located at 51 place with 57 points.

According to Vinogradov, usually after the resignation of the Governor the decree of the President immediately appointed acting head of the region. “This unprecedented history, when not assigned to the acting, to be technical (the head of the region). Perhaps there is need for some additional consultation with “Fair Russia” (which is Ilkovsky – approx.), – said Vinogradov.

Wage delays in Transbaikalia

Last year in Transbaikalia there were problems with payment of salaries to teachers, health professionals and social workers. In March 2015, more than 60 teachers, not having received money, has suspended work. A week later the teachers got paid. Then there was the delay of payments to large families.

In September of last year the debt of the government employees has reached 500 million. The first part of the debt in the municipalities listed on 10 September 2015. Then, according to regional authorities, has been completely listed the debt on a salary to workers of educational and medical institutions.

In December 2015 the teachers of the two schools in the villages Priargunsk and may day Zabaykalsky Krai stopped work because of wage arrears for November. On 16 December last year, the press service of the regional Ministry of education reported the receipt of all funds necessary for the payment of the debt to the teachers.

Resettlement of emergency housing

February 10, Putin instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the presidential administration to analyze the situation with the failure of the resettlement programme of emergency housing in Karelia and Transbaikalia.

In his report on the implementation of this programme, the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail Men said that these two regions are not systematically execute the program and actually “sabotaging her”, despite providing them with funding for implementation of the program of resettlement from dilapidated housing.

Ilkovsky said in reply that the authorities of the region are difficult to fulfill the conditions of co-financing of programs on resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, which the region’s share is 45% or 1.2 billion rubles. Provincial authorities, he said, has only mastered 200 million roubles. The remaining amount in the provincial budget by 2016 is impossible to find.

“In addition, the timeliness of funding also plays a role. In 2015, money the region received 31 December. Naturally, the money will go to 2016,” – said Ilkovsky.