UEFA opened a case for player of Lokomotiv t-shirt with Putin

UEFA opened a disciplinary case against midfielder of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. This is stated in the statement on the organization’s website.

The behavior of the player named in the statement inappropriate, in addition, it is noted that “should not show undergarments, containing political, religious, personal statements, and ambeli and logos”.

The team and players that these requirements violated will be held responsible by the organizers of the competition. The case on March 17, members will consider the Control, ethics and disciplinary instance of UEFA.

Yesterday in Istanbul, Lokomotiv has lost in the first match of 1/16 finals of the Europa League against Turkish club Fenerbahce (0:2).After the match the player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov took game Jersey, under which he had a t-shirt with image of Vladimir Putin and inscription “most polite President.”

Member of the RFU Executive Committee and state Duma Deputy Igor Lebedev stated that he believes the behavior of the football player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov, “stupid”, and that he was for it is possible to “say thank you”. The official said in an interview with “R-Sport”.

“No patriotism there can be no question. This is an extremely stupid act of a true professional, whom Dmitry is. As a player I respect him, but such actions are inexcusable for someone of a similar level. Patriotism is proved not in t-shirts and not in pictures. Here’s a victory with the score 3:0 against fenerbah├že would be the ultimate manifestation of patriotism, and Tarasov on his hands to carry the fans from the stadium to Moscow,” said Lebedev in conversation with the Agency.

Tarasov also received a lot of negative comments from Turkish users of the social network Instagram for posting them photography in a t-shirt with Putin. Including, a lot of messages mentioning downed in November, the Turkish air force Russian su-24 bomber.

Russian-speaking users were divided into two groups: some support player (the post gathered more than 15 thousand “likes”), while others consider the act of provocation and advise the athlete to focus on the game and the results to prove patriotism.

Midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” Tarasov can get a lengthy suspension for a demonstration t-shirt with the image of President Putin, also threatened sanctions and to the club. Tarasov’s actions may fall under paragraph 7 of article 14 of the Disciplinary regulations of UEFA, according to which “all forms of ideological, political or religious propaganda is prohibited.”

The Kremlin refused to comment on the situation with the midfielder of “Locomotive”. Press Secretary of President Putin Dmitry Peskov said that he did not want to comment on “football business”.

The player himself explained his action by the fact that I wanted to Express my support and respect the head of state.