VTB gave WADA 21 days to refute the information from the report on doping

VTB sent letters with claims the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) in terms of the reference Bank in the organization’s report on doping in athletics. The Bank requires to publicly refute the report’s information, which as consider in VTB, discredits its business reputation. “R-Sport” said the representative of the press service of the Bank.

“VTB Bank sent claim letters to WADA and three members of the independent Commission WADA signatories to the WADA report, with the requirement to publicly refute the report’s information that discredits business reputation of VTB” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In a press-service promised that, if contained in the report of information concerning a Bank will not rebutted within 21 days, then VTB will sue Switzerland for members of the independent Commission and the Agency.

In January the head of the Bank Andrey Kostin said that VTB is preparing lawsuits against 10 members of the Commission are WADA signatories to report on corruption in the top leadership of the International athletics Federation (IAAF). “I have decided that it is enough to endure, although to much in life already accustomed. I have instructed my solicitors. We are now preparing lawsuits. Against all ten of the “passengers” that have signed the Protocol of the Commission, we will sue,” said Kostin.

The head of VTB also promised to make the members of the independent Commission WADA “nervous and be responsible for their words”. “So just to mess with the name of Russia, Russian companies will not do” — said Kostin.

In the second part of the report of the independent Commission WADA, published on 14 January, VTB Bank paid half of the paragraph. The authors focus on two major contracts, signed with the IAAF and Russian companies VGTRK and VTB in 2012, on the eve of the world championship in athletics in Moscow (held in August 2013 in “Luzhniki”). We are talking about the contract at $6 million with VGTRK, which has received the TV rights to display of competitions and sponsorship contract with VTB, worth $25 million. the authors of the report said that the IAAF needs to investigate the legal purity of these agreements.