Apple discovered the collusion in the baby food market in Moscow

Evidence of collusion

Almost all contracts for catering services for Moscow kindergartens, schools and colleges over the last six months were played with only two participants and minimum reduction rates, says anti-Corruption center “Apple”. A quarter of the contracts was awarded to the St. Petersburg restaurateur Eugene Prigogine, familiar with senior Russian officials indicated in the report of the party “Who earns social power for Moscow children”. The text of the report is available .

From September 2015 Moscow played 43 of the contract law to provide a social food of children in kindergartens, schools and colleges of Moscow (until October 2015 the customer of the civil code of Moscow “Directorate of operation, traffic and accounting of fixed assets of the Department of education of the city of Moscow” from October — the educational institution). The total amount of these contracts is approximately 30.5 billion rubles, the validity of a part of them until the end of June 2017.

More all contracts — 11 pieces — won open company “power Plant “Concord”, the authors of the report from “Apple”. The CEO of this company is St. Petersburg restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin, and she half-owned by LLC “Concord management and consulting” (the owner of Violetta Prigogine), half — OOO “Concord M”, explained the report’s author Alexey Karnaukhov.

On the second place by number of contracts won by the company “Shkolnik-Yuz” (10 contracts). 8 contracts received by CJSC “preschool power Plant”, 6 — LLC “schoolboy” and another 4 -LLC “Vito-1”, estimated the authors of the report. The relationship of these companies at the ownership level with Prigogine in “the Apple”, according to Karnaukhova, was not found.

All winning companies are self-regulating organisation (SRO) “Association of the enterprises of social power in education and health”, indicated the lawyers of Yabloko. The CEO of the Association Dmitry Tikhonov at the same time works as the Deputy Director General of LLC “Plant food “Concord”, stated in the document.

Lawyers of Yabloko claim that in the contests that they have considered, there are similar details: “in all competitions was considered by two participants, of which some firms almost always lose”, and “on a number of procurement participants independently of each offer unit price of the rooms, identical to two decimal places”. If ” this purchase involved the company “Concord”, it offers the same percentage reduction of the initial price (1.8%) and always wins,” say the lawyers. Leaders in the number of losses they call, the two companies converted from the former State unitary enterprises and is 100% owned by the city. “All this, in the opinion of the staff of anti-corruption center “Apple”, is direct evidence of a cartel,” write the authors of the report.

According to the results of the study, the member of political Committee of “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin in the coming days will send the petition to the FAS with a request to check on the market power in Moscow, says the press-Secretary of the party Maria Epifanova. Apple will also require the Department of education to terminate the contracts concluded, in their opinion, in violation of competition, and to amend the documentation for transparent procurement.
According to senior researcher of the Ranepa Vadim Novikov to achieve some response from the FAS is the “Apple” bit if they will only rely on the evidence presented.” The fact of participation of companies in the SRO does not prove the fact of participation in cartel agreements,” he says

Response to a request sent at one o’clock in the Department of education of Moscow, has not yet been received. While the FAS also did not provide answers to the questions. In the Moscow Department of advertising and PR “Concord” declined to comment, redirecting the correspondent in the company’s head office in St. Petersburg. The Central office refused to comment on this information. “You called the office in St. Petersburg, I can’t comment on what is happening in Moscow,” he said . Prigogine Thursday did not respond to calls.

The General Director of “preschool power Plant” Pavel Panfilov refused to comment. “I have no time to communicate with you, communicate with the party “Yabloko”, — he said, after hearing the questions. “Student Hughes” has not yet responded to the request. The phone numbers listed on the website of the company “Vito-1”, did not respond to calls .

Old friend

Evgeny Prigozhin, a longtime friend of many senior Russian officials and Putin personally. Part restaurant Empire Prigogine company “Concord catering” since 1996, according to its own data, has spent more than 15 thousand events and served more than 1.5 million guests. It is catering Prigogine used, for example, the organizers of the events in Davos and the St. Petersburg economic forum, “the Forum Russia” of Sberbank.

New business — school Board — “Concord” started in 2010. Investing, as Prigogine told “Vedomosti”, about 40 million euros, the group has built a power plant in the settlement Yanino near St. Petersburg. The opening of this factory came Vladimir Putin (then Prime Minister). In 2011 the group built a second plant in the village of maple Podolsk district of the Moscow region. The investments amounted to 1.6 billion rubles (similar to the St. Petersburg project at the then exchange rate), the power was above 150 tonnes of ready meals a day. Most of the investment in these projects was provided by VEB, wrote “Vedomosti”: the Bank highlighted the “Concorde” nine-year loans 3,53 billion rubles for the construction of three factories in Leningrad and Moscow oblasts and in Krasnodar Krai.

The main “chef” of schools in Moscow LLC “Plant food “Concord” was in 2012: the sum of its contracts with the state institution Directorate of the Department of education of Moscow on the Moscow children nutrition in 2013-2015 were more than 10.6 billion rubles, calculated previously on the basis of the data “Spark”.

In the same year Prigogine controlled by the structure began to get and other notable public and parapublic contracts to food. So, OOO “Concord M” has become one of the main suppliers of power to manage the Affairs of the President of Russia: 22 contract worth about 128 million rubles for 2012-2015. And at the end of 2012 with subsidiaries of “Concord” two-year contracts to 92 billion rubles for provision of meals for the Russian army has concluded “Voentorg”, Forbes pointed out.

Since 2011, ready meals industrial production companies “Concord” were gradually introduced in the schools of St. Petersburg and Moscow, but then consumers began to complain about the low quality of food, reminiscent of the authors of the report from “Apple”. And from 2015, institutions have moved to five-time scheme with light snacks, but the purchase price of power has decreased compared to previous years, write the author of the report.

In late January, more than 27 thousand people signed on the portal change.oggetti with the demand to revise the diet in kindergartens. According to them, children are malnourished because of a new, five-power scheme, which was launched in kindergartens from January 2016 and which helps to save the city authorities. The savings are achieved by a light supper, at which almost nobody remains.

The petition was addressed to President Vladimir Putin, head of the Moscow Department of health Alexei Khripun and head of the Department of education of Moscow Isaak Kalina. A similar petition addressed to the State sanitary-epidemiological service. Response to a petition from the authorities until he made.

“After sleeping (16 hours) children receive a full afternoon tea consisting of cereals, vegetables, meat, bakery products, beverages (30% of calories from total meals). In the new scheme, the afternoon snack as “facilitated” and consists of 20 g of biscuits and 50 g of biscuits, 50 g less casseroles and beverage, representing less than 10% of the total caloric content of all meals,” reads the petition.