Businessmen will receive Russian citizenship after tax by RUB 3 mln.

The government submitted to the state Duma a draft law amending the conditions of simplified procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship for entrepreneurs and investors. The bill published on the website of the lower house of Parliament.

Now a statement about a reception in citizenship in a simplified procedure can apply for foreign individual entrepreneurs who work in Russia at least the last three years, and during this period their revenue is not less than 10 million rubles per year. This does not apply to PIS who work in the hotel and restaurant business, with operatsii real estate, accounting and auditing, hiring labor force, as well as advertising, should be approved in 2014, resolutions of the government.

Confirm the full amount of revenue according to the existing laws is impossible, they say in the explanatory note to the draft law, since the law on taxes and fees provided for different types of taxation.

Now consider the contribution of foreign entrepreneurs in the economy will be based on the amount of taxes paid annually. They must be at least 1 million rubles for three years (based on anticipated annual revenue of 10 million rubles.). In order to confirm the information, FMS can request information from the tax authorities, Pension Fund and the participant of securities market having the license for realization of activity on conducting the register of owners of securities.

In addition, a foreign national must pay insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of a government bill. This will prevent the acquisition of citizenship by persons not actually engaged in labour activity in Russia on the lawful bases, according to the government.

According to statistics of the Federal tax service, by 1 January 2016 in Russia was registered 40,5 thousand individual entrepreneur with a foreign nationality. 23,6 thousand of them were registered during 2015.

The bill was developed by FMS on behalf of the government. Introducing the norm about 10 million rubles of profit, the head of the Federal migration service Konstantin Romadanovsky said that this will attract “foreign investment”.

The bill will not contribute to the attraction of major investors who expect to work in Russia for more than five years, says the President of Fund “Migration XXI century” Vyacheslav Postavnin.

Foreign entrepreneurs need to apply for a residence permit or temporary residence permit, not citizenship — people usually have limited time to monitor their investments and then they go to his home, so citizenship for them is not an incentive for investments in the economy, I’m sure Postavnin. As a result, the law can attract an average hand “market experts”, which for the Russian economy required much less investment from the West.

Who can obtain citizenship

According to the General procedure to obtain Russian citizenship by adults who lived in Russia continuously for five years, having a legitimate source of income and know Russian language. That period was reduced to one year if the applicant has outstanding achievements in the field of science, technology and culture, or has demand in Russia has a profession or qualification, or political asylum, etc. in addition, the General order apply to compatriots who have served in the Russian army for three years.

The right to a simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship are persons who have at least one parent with Russian citizenship, as well as compatriots without citizenship who have not received citizenship of countries that were part of the USSR, where they lived. It also applies to persons born in territory of RSFSR and had citizenship of the former USSR, or married to a Russian citizen for at least three years, or have children with Russian citizenship, etc.

Moreover, to claim citizenship in a simplified procedure investors, whose share in the authorized capital of the company amounts to at least 10%, and the share capital is not less than 100 million rubles.