Canada ceased airstrikes on Islamic state

The Ministry of defence of Canada announced the termination of military operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (its activities are banned in Russia and several countries of the world). A message posted on the Agency’s website.

As the message, in accordance with the decree of the government of Canada’s armed forces have stopped airstrikes on positions of the IG in Iraq and Syria on February 15.

Six canadian fighters CF-188 Hornet, which participated in the air strikes against the Islamic state, leave the region in a phased manner in the coming weeks.

However, the Ministry of defence said that canadian warplanes continue air reconnaissance and observation operations in the region as part of the coalition led by the United States.

Canada began to apply air strikes on the positions of the “Islamic state” on 30 November 2014. For all the military operations of the canadian fighter jets struck 251 play groups: 246 in Iraq and 5 in Syria.

In October 2015 the new elected Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau confirmed his campaign promise to refuse the participation of the canadian air force in air strikes on positions of the IG. During his election campaign, Trudeau promised to withdraw from the Middle East CF 18 aircraft and to restore diplomatic relations with Iran.

Blamed former Prime Minister of Canada Harper, Trudeau was charged with the fact that the government has not explained to Canadians why we need to bomb Syria and Iraq. The new Prime Minister indicated that he is ready to send more military experts to help Kurdish armed forces fighting against terrorists.

“I think ten years ago we still in Iraq was to understand what happens when Western countries get into war. Be it Iraq or Libya, the result is not the one waiting for local residents,” said Trudeau.