Churkin said about the dissonance between the efforts of Russia in Syria and said Assad

Recent statements by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discordant with the diplomatic efforts of Russia. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vladimir Churkin, in an interview with radio station “Kommersant FM”, responding to a question regarding the words of the Syrian leader’s “determination [Assad] to war until victory”.

“This is my personal assessment, I on the TV heard the statement by President Assad, said Churkin, is, of course, is not peculiar to the diplomatic efforts of Russia.”

“There is the same Wiener process, the last arrangements of the International group support Syria in Munich: we’re talking about a ceasefire, the cessation of hostilities in the foreseeable future. Now they are working on this”, he said. Churkin also noted that “Russia is very seriously invested in this crisis, politically, diplomatically, and militarily”. “So, of course, would like to see Bashar al-Assad, too, responded to it,” said the envoy.

Last Friday, President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to AFP in which he promised to regain control over all of Syria. In addition, the Syrian President said that he supports negotiations on the conflict settlement in the country, but stressed that he would not stop “terrorism” during the negotiations.

Sunday, February 15, on the presentation to the members of the Council of lawyers Union of Syria, Assad said: “anyone who takes up arms against the state and against Syrian civilians, is a terrorist, it cannot be questioned”. In addition, he called created in Saudi Arabia the delegation of the Syrian opposition “terrorists and traitors”.

Later Assad in an interview with the Syrian TV said that during the truce, the parties may use the weapon. According to him, the main goal of the truce is not to give strengthen its position as a terrorist organizations. “The movement of weapons, equipment, or terrorists, or the strengthening of the position will not be allowed”, — he stressed. He noted that the Syrian crisis can become a reconciliation agreement reached at the local level.

Interviewed by “Kommersant” two days ago, the Russian experts stressed that al-Assad taken the course not only allows Russia to convert the military successes in Syria in political dividends, but also threatens her further aggravation of relations with the West and the Arab world. Head of the center for analysis of middle East conflicts of the Institute of USA and Canada Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Shumilin told “Vedomosti” that the statements of the Assad doing “any ceasefire dummy”. “Both the U.S. and Russia are on different channels affect the parties, all these attempts backstage. Recent statements by Assad doing any fictitious truce”, — he noted.

Churkin in an interview to “Kommersant-FM” at the same time noted that “the Syrian President also acts in a particular system of political coordinates”. “And here, I think we should focus not on what he says, with all due respect to the statements of the person of such a high level, and that he will ultimately do,” said the envoy. “If the government of Syria, despite its internal political situation and the propaganda line that they too should conduct will be to follow the lead of Russia in the settlement of this crisis, then they have a chance to exit with dignity. If somehow they lose this way — this is again my personal opinion — it may be a very difficult situation. Including to them,” he added.

The envoy said that “what would be possible had the Syrian army, effective operation of the aerospace defence forces of Russia allowed her to push aside their opponents from Damascus,” and added that the government troops, “might take Aleppo”. “But if they [waste Syria] will be assumed that no truce should not, and need to fight to the bitter end, then this conflict will continue for a very long time. And it’s scary to imagine”, — said Churkin.

In addition, Churkin said that, in his opinion, the crisis in Syria will not lead to third world war. “No matter, I think, to some kind of global conflict, “world war three” with Russia, the Americans, NATO and so on,” he said.

On 12 February, the participants of the International support group Syria have reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. It is expected that it will be implemented during the week and will not apply to the terrorist group “Islamic state” and “the Front al-Nusra” (both activities prohibited in Russia).