Congress recognized the inability to protect US from the missiles of Iran and North Korea

In the report of the GAO (The Government Accountability Office, GAO), published on the organization’s website, States that the missile defense Agency of the US Department of defense has made some progress in protecting the country from possible attacks from Iran or North Korea. However, the experts came to the conclusion that in its current state the system is ready to reflect only a small number of simple missiles. “Testing did not confirm the presence of a reliable defense system,” the report said.

The document also States that the Ministry of defence insists on increasing one and a half times the number of interceptors before the end of 2017, not taking into account production possibilities.

It is also indicated that the developers of the system only partially took into account the recommendations of experts, made in 2011, which did not add to the effectiveness of missile defense. Defects increase the risks for military personnel and force them to work with the system, opportunities and constraints which they understand not fully.

The threat of a missile attack from Iran and North Korea is the main reason for the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in different countries of the world. In early January, assistant Secretary of state for arms control Frank rose said that NATO will not fulfill the requirements of Russia ABOUT restriction due to the test in North Korea of the hydrogen bomb. “We need the flexibility to reflect the dynamic and evolving threat,” said the official.

In the autumn of 2015, President Vladimir Putin recalled that after the deal on Iran’s nuclear program a major threat, which served as a pretext for developing missile defense in Europe, disappeared. “However, we know that the situation with Iranian nuclear problem is resolved, the relevant agreements have been signed, moreover, approved by the respective parliaments. Work on the missile defense systems still continues”, — said the President.

He accused the West of trying to undermine the existing parity in the field of nuclear weapons, “and essentially undermine the whole system of global and regional stability”.