European authorities have allowed airlines flying over Crimea

The European Agency for aviation security (EASA) announced that airlines can resume flights over the Crimea, writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to the statement by EASA, made on January 17. The aviation Agency concluded that the risks associated with the transition of Crimea under Russian jurisdiction, to the airlines decreased.

Still EASA recommended not to fly over Crimea, despite the assurances of Kiev in August last year that the Ukrainian side is ready to ensure the safety of flights on four routes in and around the Peninsula. The reason was legal uncertainty as to the status of the Simferopol area. Because the EU recognizes Crimea as part of Ukraine, Kiev is responsible for the airspace over the Peninsula. In fact in Simferopol working managers that are subject to aviation authorities of Russia.

Now, the Agency has authorized the use of European carriers two routes within the boundaries of the Simferopol area. To coordinate and monitor the flights of foreign companies, according to WSJ, has air traffic control service of Ukraine.

The paper considers the decision of the EASA political victory of Ukraine, pointing to the fact that this country will be able to get the money for the maintenance of foreign aircraft over the territory of Crimea.

The representative of Rosaviation has not yet been able to provide comment.

After joining the Crimea to Russia and the subsequent sanctions on the Peninsula could only fly Russian airlines. The Ukrainian authorities have expressed dissatisfaction with this fact. Kiev has prohibited transit of Russian aircraft through the airspace of Ukraine. Moscow in response imposed a retaliatory ban on flights over Russia aircraft of Ukrainian airlines.