FDCS accused Ukraine in the formation of extremist sentiments in Russia

During the expanded Board of Federal service on control over drug trafficking (FSKN) on Thursday, February 18, first Deputy head of the investigative Department Sergey Mozalev said that over the past year the number of Ukrainians detained, accused of drug-related crimes increased by 60%.

“Today we can distinguish the Ukrainian vector of the impact on the drug situation in Russia as one of the most important, along with the Afghan drug threat,” — commented on these figures Mosalev.

According to authorities, the Ukrainians — after the second Tajik nationals among detained on suspicion of committing drug-related crimes.

According to him, the growth of Ukrainians in the environment of drug trafficking in Russia was not due to business reasons, criminals.

“According to our data, supervised by the West Ukrainian secret services, with the use of the criminal matrix of drug spend-planned anti-Russian activities,” says Mosalev.

The purpose, according to the officer, are the formation of anti-social and extremist sentiments. “In the upcoming September elections to the State Duma can become the catalyst activity of destructive forces”, — said Mosalev.

Discussing the results of the Agency’s performance in 2015, the Federal drug control service Director Viktor Ivanov said that the Agency carries out its tasks, despite budget cutbacks and reductions.