Finland extradite to Russia the Karelian opposition from Yabloko

The Supreme court of Karelia has authorized the extradition to Russia of the Karelian businessman, member of the Federal political Committee of the party “the Apple” Vasily Popov, whom Russia put on the international wanted list on charge in swindle with real estate, reports Yle.

As Popov himself told “Fontanka”, he learned of the decision of the Supreme court on Thursday morning and is now planning meetings with lawyers, who explain to him a plan of action.

With the requirement to give Popov to the authorities of Finland in mid-October 2015, said the Russian Prosecutor General’s office.

Popov is living in the Finnish city of Joensuu since the beginning of summer 2015. He went to Finland once in late spring, the investigating authorities of Karelia initiated initiated several criminal cases against activists of the “Yabloko”, including team members Popov — the Deputy of the Petrograd Soviet Olga Zaleska and Director of the company “Intorg” Alexander Kornilov.

On may 22, the investigation Department of the TFR in Karelia reported that Popov was charged in the case of fraud with municipal property, namely in connection with the purchase of the building of the Petrozavodsk municipal enterprise “Petropit” wife Popov — activist of Yabloko and Deputy of the Karelian legislative Assembly by Anastasia Kravchuk. Kravchuk itself is also a defendant in this case, but to go to Finland she failed, she remained in Petrozavodsk.

According to the investigation, from 2011 to 2014 “organized group, acting through deception and abuse of trust of officials of Petrozavodsk city district” has acquired the right to building of the power plant, as well as the right to receive the land plot on preferential terms.

27 August, Popov was detained by the Finnish police, but later released on his own recognizance.

In “the Apple” consider that the reasons for the criminal persecution of the activists of the party related to the desire of local authorities to clear the political field. In the fall in the party feared the ouster of the mayor of the only “Apple” — the mayor of Petrozavodsk Galina Shirshina. December 25, 2015 Shirshina was dismissed due to “failure of authority”.

Another political scandal occurred in Karelia in February 2015, when he was arrested by the Deputy of regional legislative Assembly and a former member of the Federation Council Devlet Alikhanov. He was charged with fraud in municipal property, the damage from which amounted to 11 million rubles, and also in illegal border crossing. According to investigators, he is ten times illegally crossed the border of Russia, using the passport of a U.S. Senator, although the Senator was no longer.