Hundreds of armed fighters have crossed the Turkish border with Syria

As reports Reuters with reference to sources in the ranks of the opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, about two thousand armed fighters supporting the rebels, on the vehicles left the Turkish territory and went to the town of Azaz in Northern Aleppo province. Their task is to strengthen the defense of the city, close to which Federal government army the Kurdish units.

The Syrian government news Agency SANA claims that just crossed the border about five hundred people. The Syrian monitoring center for human rights reported that on the North of the province of Aleppo included several hundred fighters.

Ankara has repeatedly announced plans to oppose Kurdish “people’s self-defense Squads”, broke through the defenses of the rebels North of Aleppo, and she glided off toward the border with Turkey. On the eve of the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey yalçın, Akdogan announced the proposal to create a “safe zone,” the depth of 10 km on the Syrian side of the border, including the city of a’zaz to prevent attempts to “change the demographic structure” in the area.

According to Turkish authorities, the Kurds coming forcibly rounded up from the occupied territories residents of Turkish and Persian origin. In addition in Ankara fear that with the approach to the border “people’s defence Units” will establish contact with the militants from “Kurdistan workers ‘party” operating in the Southeast of Turkey. Both organizations Ankara considers a terrorist.

The idea of a security zone in Northern Syria has not yet found support in NATO because Washington and Brussels are afraid. that such a step would require the creation of a no-fly zone under international control. This in turn will lead to new disputes with Russia, whose planes are in this part of Syria.

The Russian foreign Ministry of Turkey, firing positions and throwing the Kurds in Syria with money, people and material-technical means, on the eve called “an absolute outrage”.