Kamenshchik replied to the claims of the TFR in the first five years press conference

On Wednesday, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Domodedovo Dmitry Kamenshchik has held the first in the last five years press conference where he answered the last claim of the investigation of the terrorist attack of 2011. He called innocent people arrested on February 9, former and current managers of the airport and did not rule out the possibility that he himself may become the accused in a criminal case. “Such procedural powers the investigators have,” said Kamenshchik.

However, Kamenshchik refuses to acknowledge that he had a conflict with the state, noting that with government investing in the development of Domodedovo. Proposals about sale of the airport to a businessman, according to him, have also been reported.

The old new thing

The first criminal case of default of requirements of transport security at Domodedovo airport was initiated immediately after the terrorist attack in January 2011. Suspects are like airport staff and police officers responsible for the control framework of metal detectors. However, in April 2012 the case was closed: the investigation concluded that at the time of the attack, the state has not approved the system security measures in the airports, regulations are absent (for example, were not required to complete the inspection outside the terminal building).

The next stage of the case started in 2015. In the summer of RCDS announced the initiation of a criminal case against two former and one current top Manager of the airport. Persons involved were Andrei Danilov, responsible for aviation safety (in 2011 was the head of JSC “Domodedovo airport aviation security”), the managing Director of the airport complex Vyacheslav Nekrasov and Svetlana Trishina, the head of the Russian representative offices registered in the Isle of man Airport Management Company Ltd (2011 — managing company of the airport).

Nekrasov and Trishina at the time of institution of the new cases already had nothing to Domodedovo and worked in the criminal code “Leader”, doing road concessions, and Daniel continued to work at the airport, heading in the direction of transport security, said the press Secretary of Moscow Domodedovo Alexander Vlasov.

In TFR then added that criminal proceedings were instituted not only in relation to these people, and unidentified persons, owners of the airport Domodedovo. However, in July the head of the UK Alexander Bastrykin said that the owners of Domodedovo installed. “Five years they went from liability, and not criminal, but the material didn’t flee anywhere, have been in Moscow”, — said Bastrykin.

Domodedovo for the first time officially revealed their owners in 2011, during preparation for an IPO on the London stock exchange (placement in the end did not take place) announced that the only beneficiary of the Cypriot company DME ltd, which controls most of the operating companies of the airport Dmitry Kamenshchik.

Arrests managers

February 9, 2016 Trishina, Nekrasov and Daniel have been arrested. All three are charged under part 3 of article 238 of the RF criminal code (rendering services not meeting safety requirements, entailing death of two or more persons). The maximum punishment under this article — till ten years of imprisonment.

Soon there was extensive press release signed by the head of the press service of the RCDS Vladimir Markin. It said that the task of law enforcement — not only to punish directly the guilty in the attack, but also to study the totality of causes of the tragedy.

The nature of the charges in the following. Since 2007 in Domodedovo operated regulations involving the inspection at the entrance with the use of the framework and — if necessary — hand-held metal detectors. However, near the part of the accumulated queue, with growing passenger numbers it became clear the need of additional inputs, which required financial investment. But the management of the airport instead allegedly approved in 2010 the new regulations, no longer requiring total control. As a result, stresses Markin, through the metal detector took place no more than 2% arrived at the airport people.

As shown by the TFR examination, if Magomed Yevloyev, the perpetrators of the attack, passed through the frame, then a metal detector would have discovered hidden under the clothes explosive device.

Not total control

On Wednesday Dmitry Kamenshchik showed the whole presentation to refute the arguments of the investigation. First of all, he stated that the regulations of 2010 is not actually differed from document 2007 — neither one nor the other did not require total inspection of the arrived at the airport.

According to the videos from surveillance cameras, the aviation security officer has worked with introscope, while the police officer visually inspecting incoming. Suspicious persons he could offer to go through the frame.

Log in to the terminal building in the district 16 o’clock on January 24, 2011, Yevloyev did not attract the attention of the police. On the record shows how quickly it passes by. “Blonde, short, jacket, hands in pockets, nothing special”, comment on Dmitriy Kamenshchik video.

Subsequently, security rules at airports much tougher. Two days after the tragedy, on January 26, came the order of the Ministry of transport requiring the total control of passengers arriving at the airport.

“Transport safety of the airport consistent with and conforms to the norms of the current law,” says the owner of Domodedovo.

TFR against all

The position of the TFR is not shared by representatives of Prosecutor’s office, Ministry of justice and courts. At the hearing on 9 February, prosecutors offered to qualify a case under part 1 of article 238 (rendering services not meeting safety, but without the death). Thus, the Prosecutor’s office sees no connection between the deaths in the attack and lack of security from the airport. If it was qualified under this article, it would have had to close the expiry of the limitation period.

Approximately to the same conclusions, and courts considering civil actions of terrorist attack. Became the attack disabled Yelena Krivolutskaya previously tried to recover from JSC “international airport Domodedovo” and its officers as compensation for material damage in the amount of 56 thousand rubles for moral damage and 15 million rubles, claiming that the defendant failed to ensure transport safety, which resulted in the attack.

However, Presnensky, and then and Moscow city court dismissed the lawsuit. “During the investigation of the causal relationship between actions (inaction) of officials responsible for transport security, and what happened the explosion has not been established”, — is told in the decision of the court.

After that, Krivolutskaya appealed to the ECHR. The verdict isn’t rendered yet but in the presentation of the Kamenshchik outlined the position of the Russian Federation (it has been prepared by the Ministry of justice, it is obligatory for such cases). It says that the statement about the absence or inadequacy of measures at the airport is incorrect and unreasonable. Neither domestic legislation nor international standards was not provided mandatory total body searches at entrances to the airport terminal.