More than half of Russians prefer planned economy

More than half of Russians prefer planned economy

Moscow. February 17. Every second Russian (52%) more correct it seems that an economic system based on state planning and distribution, reported in “Levada-the Centre”.

Every fourth (26%), in contrast, supports the system of economy, based on private ownership and market relations.

Difficult to answer 22% participants of the poll, conducted January 22-25 among 1,600 people in 137 towns 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, sociologists note, in 2012 for a planned economy were made by 49% of Russians, and market – 36%.

According to the survey, the best political system, 37% of Russians believe “the Soviet, that which was we to 90 years” (a year ago – 34%, in 2012 – 29%).

Another 23% of respondents like the current political system (a year ago – 29%, in 2012 – 20%).

Democracy on the model of Western countries have chosen 13% of Russians (last year – 11%, in 2012 – 29%).

Other political systems are sympathetic 8% of respondents, while 19% of respondents were undecided.